Helping You Work Toward Financial Confidence with Less Effort

My name is Ronn Castle and I am a Financial Advisor at LPL. My mission statement is to help my clients work toward financial independence through planning.

We want to spend time with clients to determine their goals and objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and help them make appropriate financial decisions for their future.

Our mission is to build a long-term relationship with me, their professional and knowledgeable advisor. We aim to accomplish this through education, training integrity, and outstanding client service.

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We specialize in working with clients having investable assets of $100,000, are serious about comprehensive wealth planning, and are willing to meet for a review every six months. We serve clients going through significant life-changing events such as retiring with a large retirement plan, receiving company stock options, selling a business, receiving a judgment from legal action, and inheriting money. My role as your Financial Advisor will be to serve you as a resource and bring ideas, suggestions and alternatives appropriate for your situation.

We help our clients with:

Diversified Investment Planning
Comprehensive Wealth Management
Estate Planning
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Work Toward Creating, Growing, and Preserving Wealth

  • We make sure asset allocation and diversification is managed appropriately for your risk tolerance.
  • We try to minimize income tax on investment income and capital gains.
  • Plan for the Distribution of Wealth during Life or Death in a Tax-Advantaged Way.
  • We will discuss qualified retirement plan or IRA distribution plan, exercise plan for company stock options, and business succession plans.
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I patiently work with many different types of clients to start working toward tomorrow’s dreams today and take a sincere interest in their goals.
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The strategies have an objective to be tax efficient and catered to each individuals’ needs, goals, and objectives.
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My motivation is helping others live comfortably in retirement. I manage their assets while in transition and enjoy seeing the difference I can make in my clients’ lives.
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